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There are a lot that were left unresolved during the end of the second season of the American police procedural television drama series, “Chicago P.D.” Fortunately, NBC had renewed the television show for a third season which will contain 22 glorious episodes for viewers to discover how things will turn out for the characters in the show.

The chronicles of the police patrol and the intelligence unit in the second season saw the downfall of Erin Lindsay, played by Sophia Bush, who has spiraled out of control as she reverted back to her old bad habits when faced with guilt and depression. It then saw the budding relationship she had with Detective Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer, go down with it. Fans were dismayed by this and are still hopeful that the pair would reunite in some way in the upcoming third season.

Fortunately, this is a big possibility in the coming new season as the show’s Executive Producer, Matt Olmstead, had told TV Guide in an interview, that the pair may still get back together but it would take time for them to finally do so. Halstead in the show is still determined to get back with Lindsay, but she would be the one that would need some time off. “We’re going to wait. The immediate concern is to get her on her feet again and out of harm’s way, but down the road… we’re exploring that” revealed Olmstead in the interview.

How she would be getting back on her feet has also been revealed as writers are apparently having a hard time figuring out how to get Erin back in the force. Erin’s mother, Bunny, played by Markie Post, is also set to appear in the third season as she helps Erin during the lowest point in her life. Movie News Guide also mentions that a person Erin holds dear would have his life threatened forcing her to come back to her old self in order to save that person.

The third season is set to premiere on Sept. 30, 2015 and will be comprised of 22 new episodes.


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