As we start to look towards Chicago PD season 5 and the future of the series, there are many questions to ponder over. The status of Jay Halstead is one of them. How is he going to be recovering from the events of the season finale and what’s transpired in this off-season?

If you think back to where Jay was at the end of season 4, he had battled some of his demons and was contemplating making a firm commitment to Erin Lindsay. After all, he had an engagement ring that he was holding onto! It was clear that he wanted to go to that next level with her, but was struggling to try and figure out the right way in which to do so. It was probably made so much worse thanks to the fact that Halstead and Lindsay weren’t actually together at the time in which the season ended. They just had enough of a history to feel like they could still make the next step.

Now, you have to wonder what Sophia Bush’s apparent exit means. Will this send Jay over the edge?

If Lindsay does in fact depart, what this means is that Jay has lost his rock, and he effectively is starting over form square one. He may be able to continue doing his job, but there will be a whole in his heart that is especially difficult to fill.

Hopefully, this doesn’t entail Jay having some crazy bender like the sort Kelly Severide has had in the past on Chicago PD, or that he goes and hooks up with some random people trying to get his mind off of her. If she leaves, he’ll need to just look at what happened, try to recenter, and be the best version of himself. Be patient when it comes to seeing what the future holds, and being understanding of her situation.

One thing that does remain unclear is how much of Lindsay we will see in season 5. When the first reports came in of Bush’s departure, it was also noted that she could come back to tie up her story. Maybe you come up with a way for the two to still be together long-distance, and that opens the door for her to return here and there. Halstead is a strong enough character that you can find a wide array of things to do with him that aren’t tied to his love life, and this could create some interesting possibilities for the writers to explore his family life and some of his friends further.

What do you want to see for Jay Halstead on Chicago PD season 5? Share your thoughts with a comment!


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