Jesse Lee Soffer never lives the same day twice. The rising actor and one of the stars inNBC’s Chicago P.D wants to convey to the world that Dick Wolf’s spin-off series is nothing like you’ve ever witnessed before.

“There’s an authenticity as far as the stories we tell,” Jesse told Maxim. “There’s a shade of truth to anything that you’re seeing on the show. Along with the fact that all of the extras and background characters are cops that are off-duty cops just coming to help out. There’s this realism that really translates that you won’t find on other shows.”

As someone who takes part in a show featuring prominent stories ripped from the headlines, Jesse feels obligated to portray police officers in a positive light following the negative reputation they’ve received in the past few months. While society continues to search for the proper direction in which to display law enforcement in the media, he prides himself on portraying Detective Jay Halstead in this day and age.

“Playing a cop on TV and working closely with actual cops on set, I do think the media does a disservice to our first responders,” Jesse says. “We’re only seeing all the stories that happen in a given week of what went wrong, or the mistake that was made. For every one of those stories, that has to be a thousand others where the officer saved the day, did something heroic, or put his life on the line. It’s a matter of what’s visible, and I know I feel honored to represent cops and portray them in the light they deserve.”


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